Play And Win With The Shop Play Win App!

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Who doesn’t love Monopoly? It’s the classic family game night’s star and the best part is that you can play it with almost anyone. It’s such an involving game that before you even realise, you’ll be completely immersed in the game and would be building tactics and strategies to build your next move!

How to play the game?

The shop play win app is made for playing Monopoly only. You can not only enjoy the game but also win actual money from it. Let’s learn how.

First, you’ll need to buy any Monopoly gameboard, possibly from your nearest supermarket. When you make the purchase, you’ll get a ‘game ticket’. Now, inside the game ticket, you would see four game markers.

These would be- a special discount offer, another Shop, Play, Win! online code, win prizes such as grocery gifts, cash, etc. or the best two free game tickets! The next step is to place these markers in the prize are of the board. Wet them and stick them on. Do not use glue as you would need to exchange them alter to redeem prizes. Now, you can use the online code on the website and check if you won something or not.