New Craze Among Teen For Yarn App

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There is a new trend in applications, chat friction app. This is the new concept and is popular in teenagers. There are app developed around the concept of chat friction, yarn app is one of them. In these apps story is presented in the form of small text messages. Reader gets the impression of peeking into other’s text. Teens are not interested in reading traditional books and even eBook. But these small text messages like story have attracted teens so far.

What is yarn app?

Teens enjoy peeking into other’s chat. This app gives the same feeling but without violating anyone’s personal life.

They provide stories and frictions in SMS- like text conversation format, just as if you are watching someone else chats. They also provided stories with your favorite celebs.

Also you can choose the action of character and solve puzzles. It not just reading, but interaction. There are lots of stories and categories to choose from, horror, mystery, sexual, and frictional. Photos are also present to make it more fun for readers. This also means there will be growth in writers and more demand for writing skills. This could be the new way of reading books.