Have You Played The Best Parody Game: Noscope Flappy Bird

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You might have heard of many parody games but if you still haven’t come across noscope flappy bird, dear human, you’re living under a rock! You might be inclined to think that it might just another rip-off, poor quality parody game with no real potential. But the stats say quite the opposite. In less than a week, it has garnered over 4k+ users with a positive rating of 4.5+. Doesn’t that spark your interest?

What does it offer?

This flappy bird parody game takes the fun a step further. It is not just a sample but a full-fledged game with actual leader boards, achievements and milestones to unlock. It offers you with quality graphics and gameplay experience with tons of hilarious internet memes pumped in. The competition is tough, you cannot easily reach the high scorers board.

There are even players posting their gameplay videos offering tips and tricks to crack the game and be the new victor!

There are so many options- from dank mode to newly added skins every day. It has over 400 memes alone! You can choose to play on kids’ mode and earn rewards but if you want to hardcore, dare yourself to DANK mode!