Give Wings To Your Students’ Learning Using I Ready App!

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Every learner is different. Everyone has their own set of needs and levels of understanding. What can be easily understood by one student, can be a big hurdle to another. This not only easily discourages the individual student but also puts the teachers in a bind. After all, they are human beings too. They can’t just do everything at once in the most perfect way.

Teacher’s aide, Student’s wings

In such a situation, having an app which can bridge the gap and bring every learner their own personalised and differentiated instruction is a dream come true. One of such apps is i ready app, which provides integrated assessments and insights on several subjects including mathematics and makes it a point to address an individual student.

It makes it possible for teachers to provide each student with instructions and assessments based on their individua; aptitude.

Not only it keeps the students engaged and excited but takes the load off the teachers’ shoulder and give them space to work more on the imaginative and intuitive side. This app also gives one room for improvement and helps them understand their individual strengths and weaknesses. Such initiatives are in the right direction and can potentially give positive results.