Pokemon Go Statistics – How to Find the Perfect Poke Stop

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How to collect Pokemon Go statistics is not a question many new players ask. They wonder how they can know which spot is the best to catch those rare Pokemon and earn that rare candy in their pockets.

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for any length of time, then chances are you have already seen the advertisements for Poke Stops and Gyms. The process of making them for your location is simple enough, but getting to these spots is the fun part. Knowing how to get there can be a little more difficult.

You could probably spend hours trying to reach the top of a very tall building or push yourself through mud pits to reach the old gym of your favorite Pokemon in the middle of the woods. Many other people have been there, though, and many still are, trying to make the trek from their own homes to their favorite Poke stop.

There are some helpful resources available to those who want to know how to get there and find all the Poke gyms. In fact, the statistics for catching those rare Pokemon has already been generated for you by Google and the game creators, so you can continue to use this tool to improve your chances of a successful hunt.

Google’s Pokemon Go tools are easy to use, even for the new player. Once you enter your preferred location and a basic description of the area, then start looking at the different reports that are posted by your location and the other players, you will get a quick look at the statistics for the most common Poke spots on the map.

Based on these maps, you will also be able to see if the Pokemon are closer to the other players than you thought, or if there are some long walks to complete before you can make it to your favorite location. You can even look at all the Poke Stops that have been created for the area to see what other players are doing with their Poke Stops.

Pokemon Go is still in beta and one of the first things many players are doing is to give it a try to see how far they can get in their quests. Knowing how to find the perfect Pokemon Go spot is just one way to level up quickly, which is a good thing.